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I will never have better neighbours than I have right now.

September 11, 2015

Dear Neighbours who were the first on the scene with me:

When your family first moved in I was so excited.  You all seemed so lovely and thoughtful.  Your girls so sweet and engaging.  We lived as neighbours whose children played together frequently.  We would have nice conversations together while watching our children being children.  And you were home.  Thankfully.  On the day Gift died.

Against all odds, you were outside by the fence right when I needed you.  And you jumped it without hesitation.  One of you assessed the situation and the other took little Cupcake from my trembling arms, ushering me upstairs.  One helped me with CPR while the other called 911.  All the while your oldest child, same age as Gift, supervised terrified Curly, Sweetness and her own sister.

You got ahold of my Love to bring him home.  One of you stayed with me while the other took Cupcake to the other children.

You opened your home to not only my children as we were escorted to the hospital, but also to my best friend.  All the while keeping what you saw in complete confidence.

I have been blessed by you.

I have failed blessing you.

I am sorry that we don’t talk any more.  I don’t like how it feels to look upon this anniversary and not be able to thank you.  Because I am so incredibly grateful for you all.

Maybe, before either of us is posted out, we will figure out a way to end our time together with us being able to talk.

That would be my hope.

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