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Tuesday Painting

January 27, 2015

Cupcake kept having me draw hearts for her to colour.


Isn’t the sparkly camouflage something the military should consider? Curly thinks so!


I love how Sweetness had the little girl is in the tree at night. I think she looks very sweet.


me practicing on paper for a craft a friend and I plan on making.

Today it is cold outside.  Too cold for my liking.  And windy too.  At -11, and add on the windchill it seemed like a perfect day to do some art.  I bought canvases from Dollarama and we used acrylics.

The canvases are supposed to make their way to My Love’s office.  But he is on course.  Again.  Is it the third course… or is it the fourth, since Gift died. I can’t keep track any more.  Maybe they will make it to his office before he packs up for his (supposed) posting this summer.  Maybe.  Maybe they will sit and wait for a new office.  Either way, they were made with love for him.

We know we are to be posted this year.  We even know where we are supposed to go.  But this is the military we are talking about; nothing is for sure until it is a done deal.

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