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I can’t ignore what is happening

October 22, 2014

I posted so that I could try to ignore what is happening.

But I can’t.

Yesterday’s attack could have been chalked up to someone just going crazy.  It happens.  People sometimes just snap.   Either because of mental illness or too much stress.

But that is not what it is.  It was an attack.

Todays events have shaken us all.

But I need to stop everyone for a moment.

These events that are so quickly getting attention are forgetting something.  These are human being.  These people have loved ones.

This news to the rest of the world, but to the families this is a tragedy.

Their worst day is being broadcast for the world’s curiosity.

People stare at their computers or TV’s for news and they think “Oh dear, I hope everything/one is ok”, if they think anything at all.  But for their families this is the start of the worst week of their lives.

People I love, who love us and Gift had heard about a ’12 year old boy found without vitals’.  The people I love got to read with indifference about the ambulance crossing a bridge and how that might slow traffic down.  That’s right, slow traffic down.  Because that is what people during their commute are worried about.  They were not concerned about my boy or the people trying to bring him back to life.

Today, I think about the people who love the soldier.  And I pray for their hearts as they realize they heard things before they should have.  Their pain and grief has been invaded by the world.  Without apology.  We, as an international community, are invading their darkest times.  Their worst fears realized on the world stage.

Let us watch the news with more compassion.  These are real people.


EDIT: I wrote that the first attack was yesterday, when in fact it was on Monday the 20th of October.

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