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Oct 15

October 15, 2014

Today is one of those  “Awareness Days”.  There are so many of them that it is easy to forget about them all and just ignore them all together.

Sometimes we ignore them because they have nothing to do with us.  Sometimes because it seems silly, but sometimes it is because it truly makes us uncomfortable.

It might be the ones that make us uncomfortable that I am going to look at for a moment.

I suspect that we are uncomfortable because we don’t know how to respond.  

We live in a society that we don’t talk about death.  Death is something that ought to be reserved for the elderly and infirmed.   Not for new life growing.  Not for the budding adolescent.  Nor for the baby yet to say ‘mama’.

But we live in a world where it does happen.  It is important that we strive to be open with our grief.  Or at least I find I have to be open with my grief.  I have discovered that there are many, many people who just don’t know what to say.  I was in their shoes before Gift died.  Now I try to allow people to grieve around me…. and most don’t know how.  But if I am patient and keep talking about Gift then eventually I draw out what the issue is for the other person.  And then together, right there, we can start the grieving process.  For them, anyway.

As a society, as an international community, we need to allow people to share their loss and be compassionate towards them.  We need to allow them the space they need,  we mustn’t rush them.  Or silence them.

'not my picture'

We must reach deep and find the love to share with everyone.  Especially when it is difficult.

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