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September 23, 2014

Gift was involved in a few activities, and he had just started school.  So when he died he had made an impact in many areas.  One of those is the homeschool group we were apart of.  They are planting a tree at a park we all often played at.  It will say:

This tree is planted by the homeschool community in memory of [Gift]:
That they may remember his friendship, passion and enthusiasm,
And be inspired by him once more when they come to play.
The school is also planting a tree, a sugar maple, and the memorial with a picture.  It will say:
Death is swallowed by triumphant life!  Oh, Death, who is afraid of you now?  
In a single victorious stroke of Life, all three—sin, guilt, death—are gone, the gift of our Master, Jesus Christ.
Thank God!
At Navy Cadets they have an award in his name.  With it comes a lovely description for the award:


Who Gift Was:

Enthusiastic, Excited, Inquisitive, Passionate, and Joyful

When Gift was excited about something, he gave his all.  There was no 50% Gift; he was all in.  He would do things with an unquenchable fervour and energy.  He approached everything with great excitement.  Gift was intensely inquisitive.  He constantly sought to know and understand concepts and people on a deeper level.

Loyal, Devoted and Invested in Others

He wasn’t anyone’s enemy.  He took the skills that he learned and openly taught them to his peers.  He was loyal and dedicated  to the things he cared about  He took honour as a privilege and shone it out through who he was.  He was keenly aware of injustice and extended friendship and protection to those who were not treated well. He was uncannily insightful; his initial innocence belied a much deeper understanding of who people were.  He could tap into what those around him were thinking and feeling: their hopes and fears.  Gift interacted with everyone in a way that made them feel safe and encouraged.  He lovingly engaged others regardless of age, background, status; he was fully and recklessly egalitarian.

What Cadets brought out in Gift:

Cadets transformed Gift’s potential into kinetic energy. His desire to persevere was contagious and allowed him to focus on and excel in new areas. Cadets developed Gift’s positive traits and allowed him to harness and hone his skills and transform them into something exceptional: These skills empowered Gift to not only grow in his confidence and passion, but it also helped to him realize how attainable his fullest potential was. Gift’s transforming experience at Cadets propelled him to share his skills and knowledge at every opportunity and because of that he invited others to learn each new task as he achieved it. Cadets became an intricate part of Gift’s identity and he would inspire others to explore this most treasured aspect of his life.


This is by no means a complete picture of who Gift was and what cadets meant to him.  Gift was mischief made human, but there wasn’t a malicious bone in that boy’s body.  Cadets became something of an extension of who he was; a boy who loved people and camaraderie.  He also loved to laugh.  At all costs!  Gift would watch shows and if there was a laugh track, even if he didn’t understand the humour, he would laugh.  Because he just loved to laugh that much.

These are things that keep me hoping.  That he will be remembered.  Not because he died, but because of the life that he lived.  Gift truly lived a life of passion.  I want to be just as passionate. And just as full of joy.120207-161854 Peters Family 4403

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