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September 13, 2014

It is raining out.  I would like to be disappointed, but I’m not.  I had hoped that I could convince my Love to go to a family fun day today… but with the rain and the fact that it is at his work, I highly doubt that it will happen.

Maybe we will go to the movies, but not likely either.

Maybe I will just sit on my messy floor and enjoy a peaceful day.  My lovelies have already to the library and are home with their new treasures.  I LOVE that they can go by themselves and feel the joy of a library.  I LOVE that they ASK to go.  And usually by themselves.  I guess my presence makes them feel… I don’t know, rushed or critiqued?  Maybe I make too many suggestions, or limit how many videos and audio books they get.  They do bring home too many of them.  But because they go alone now they seem so much more responsible and prepared to get them back in time.

Most days I wish I had lots of beautiful pictures to share here.  But I am so terrible at getting pictures uploaded.  Maybe I will work on that a little harder.

Thank God for rain.  It is still a beautiful day.  I will give thanks.

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