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Joy Ride

August 22, 2014

Less than an hour ago I came downstairs to Sweetness and Curly who promptly told me that they were going to go for a “joy ride”.  I can’t make this stuff up.

I kept a straight face and asked them where they were going.

“Oh, you know, mom, just around the neighbourhood.”

It was horribly difficult not to laugh at them.  They were being serious.  They were going to go have fun, one on a scooter, one on a bike. Alone.  No adult supervising them.

Since Gift died it seems to me that people expect me to be MORE protective of my children.  To do everything in my power to ensure their safety and a long healthy life.

But what I learned is this:  LIFE IS SHORT.  We have no idea when God will call us home to Him.  My Gift died doing something benign.  He was taking a bath.   A BATH!  With me less than 15 feet away from him.

Only God is in control of life and death.

I wish, desperately, that I had let Gift take more chances.  But I felt I had to reign him in as he was quite the daredevil.  But by stopping him so much he never learned his limits.  He missed out on fun opportunities because I was scared.

I know that there are scary people out there who want to do scary things.  But I cannot life my life in fear.  Because I trust that God is in control.  I have a responsibility to teach my children about the scary stuff without scaring them.  I also have to teach them that no matter what God can handle our hurts and fears and angry moments.  Because He CAN!

God doesn’t want us to live a life of fear.  He wants us to trust.  God doesn’t want us to live being stupid either; I’m not going to say to my kids ‘take a chance and jump into that car with a stranger’.  What I will say is ‘Sure!  Go ride your bike.  Stay together!’  ‘Sure, go jump off the ledge into the water, now that you have checked to make sure it is deep enough.’  And while I say that I will be fainting in my heart because I am TERRIFIED of heights.  But my kids don’t need to be.

Life will create enough fear in their lives without me adding to it.  It is my job to show joy and faith.  And to do my best to mitigate fear and danger.

I don’t want a ‘safe’ life.  I want a life that will be used by God to bring Him glory.  But I also didn’t want a child to die.  Here I am.  Trusting that God will use this for His glory.  And that my kids will see me trying to glorify God.  I want to be the role model my kids want to grow up to be like.

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