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My computer is working again!

July 9, 2014

Well… sort of.  My hard drive was failing. And previously my Love’s computer screen had died.  So he took out his hard drive, and put it into my computer case and Voila!  I am up and running again.

I had written this post last spring and never posted it.  I don’t know why.  But now that I can I am going to.





I love bedding.  LOVE bedding.  I can tell you all about thread count and the difference between sateen and percale cotton.  I know how to fold fitted sheets to match the flat sheets.  I even use to iron my top sheets and pillow cases (before life became so full of joy, and my joy i mean children.)  But having 6 beds to manage I found my closet looking crazy.  I figured when I asked the kids to change their sheets it shouldn’t take an hour to find matching sheets for all the beds!

I had read somewhere about covering the matching sheets with beautiful fabrics.  I have a tonne of those, I thought, I could do that.  But then how do we know what sheets are inside?  So from there I came up with the idea to use the pillowcases.  

Now all the kids need to do is grab the ‘pillow’ they are looking for and pull that out.  All their sheets are ready to go!  I even have them organized by size because, well, there are 4 different sizes of beds in our home right now.  Crazy, I know.   

There is it.  A nice, easy, fast way to keep the closet from overflowing.


(Note: when I originally wrote this I thought I was so clever coming up with this idea.  I was telling a friend about it the other day and she said that she saw something like this somewhere on the internet.  I assume that person hacked my blog and found this.  Just kidding…. but no, really.)  🙂






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