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Day of Honour

May 13, 2014

May 9th has been dubbed National Day of Honour.

There is so much… dispute on what difference the war in Afghanistan made.  Or if there is a difference at all there.

Here is what I know:  There is a small village outside Kabul that has a school where little girls can get an education.  Because of a horrific event that happened to 18 Canadians in July of 2012.  Go ahead and search for it.  You wont find it.  Because, THANK GOD, no one was hurt.  Only God’s hand stopped any injuries and deaths that should have occurred.

I know that most people consider the Korean war a lost war, and forgotten war because of that.  But I would like to suggest for a moment that although Korea in its entirety isnt a democracy, that the South is.  To those people the war was won.  It wasnt something that was obvious immediately.  It has been 60 years since the war ‘ended’ but we can see now how it benefitted their lives.  Especially with how much is being reported about North Korea.   I bet if you ask anyone if they would rather live in North Korea or South Korea, almost all would say South (there are always some people who like to be different or difficult.)

I know that for the children in that small village this war made a difference.  For women it has made a difference.  It changed my whole community. (More on that in another post.)

It made a difference in my family.  My children understand that there are things worth sacrificing one’s own comfort for.  They understand the difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.  They understand what it means to return with honour.  And they know to stand up for what is right, even if it means you might get hurt.  They know what it means to watch their dad leave on a plane and know that they wont see him for the better part of a year.  All because of our experience with this war.

So, i think we will better be able to say if this was a worth while war for Afghanistan, eventually.  In the immediate, thing are still adjusting. But time will tell.  And for that, a day devoted to those who served with honour is worth while.




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