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May 5, 2014



Each day the sun is out longer.  Each day the air gets warmer. 

Just today I put out three loads of laundry on the clothes line.  Breathing the fresh air.  And I am ever so grateful.

I am grateful that I have each day.  I am grateful that I have everything that I have.  

We are slowly figuring out what our lives are going to be like.  Sweetness, Curly and Cupcake are all doing as well as can be expected.  Maybe even better.  Each new day provides enough challenges that the day isnt boring, but enough familiarity that we aren’t beside ourselves with stress.  

Although my Love is on course, we seem to be keeping it together rather well.  

All except the nightmares.  But even they are becoming less frequent.  

How can I not find joy?!  Life is so much more precious now than ever before.  Like antique with a beautiful patina:  Life is changed, and the ‘damage’ makes it so much more valuable. 




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