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November 24, 2013

The other night my Love and I watched Iron Man 3. I had not seen it but he had taken Gift when it was in theatres.  While watching it i was overcome with pride.

When my Love returned from the movie and Gift was in bed I was told about how durning the movie Gift kept asking his father if he was ok.  Gift would put his hand over his fathers and say it is ok, its just a movie.  He also kept asking if his father had to leave.  We had never told Gift of his father’s terrifying experience in Afghanistan.  Or of his father’s nightmares. Or of the anxiety attacks.  But Gift was incredibly astute and his emotional IQ was off the charts.  Gift could pick up on things that most adults would not noticed.  And he could see that his father hadn’t come home the same.

So we are watching Iron Man 3 and Tony Stark has PTSD.  I watched this character struggle with something I watch my Love struggle with.  And I felt PROUD!  My sweet Gift knew it without having to be told.  He knew his father was hurting and tried to make it ok.  This boy becoming a man. Gift could recognize that my Love might have trouble with this movie depicting a man struggling.

It was hard to watch because I could imagine Gift watching the movie with his father.  Feeling proud that he was out this this man that he looked up to.  And showing grace to his hurting father.

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