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Ways to show your (preteen) child you love them

October 23, 2013

Smile at your child.  Often.

Have your child do their homework in the same room as you so you can help immediately when you are home.  And so you can ask questions about what they are learning.  Ask detailed questions about what he is doing at recess.

Make friends with moms who have children older than yours that you admire.  Spend time with then when you can.

Sit and watch him play video games.  Ask him about the game, ask what his favourite part is.  Ask how to play.  Maybe join in occasionally.  Learn as much about the game as you can and talk about what you like and dislike about the game.

Make lots of eye contact.  Loads.

Have him have his friends over.

Hug him frequently.  Hold him longer than you usually would, until he softens in your arms just a little.

Tell him you miss him when he is gone.

Give him a book to read that you loved at that age.  Talk about it with him.

Tell him you love him.  Every. Chance. You. Get.  Even go into his room just to say it.  Tell him why you love him.  Give different reasons every single time.

Because in the end the only concern you have is the lingering thought “I hope he knew how much I love him”.  The fact is he is gone, and you still love him.  And always will.

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(Could also be titled:  Things I Learned in the Weeks Before My Son Died.)

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