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Time flies!

May 22, 2013
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In the time that has passed since last writing it feels like my whole life has changed!

Gift is WILLINGLY doing his school work, and without being asked most days!  Including trying to get it all done first thing in the morning.  This from my boy who fought me over every little detail of work.  It is a pleasure to be around him and watch him learn again.

Sweetness is blossoming again, starting to bake on her own and draw beautiful pictures.  Now she is asking and seeking out things to finish around here.  She even waved at a stranger the other day!

Curly lost his first tooth!  Oh my baby boy, how fast you are growing!

Little Cupcake is starting to say words.  But now how i would have thought.  Her first word is, most definitely ‘Hi!’.  She blows kisses, says ball, waves goodbye and yesterday while changing her diaper i am convinced she was saying ‘enough’ while pushing my hand away.  Hmmm.  Maybe we still can potty train this summer.

But most drastically changed is my Love.  His stress level is so much lower now that we are making remarkable progress in our relationship.  

Our church has been putting on a marriage course and we have been taking it.  I dont know if it is actually helping us, but it is amusing.  And we have been seeing a social worker together.  This has been invaluable.  She asked some questions that each of us had made assumptions about regarding each others emotions.  It brought out that we are still very connected and only want the best for each other.  It has shown us that we both feel like we are failing each other, but he doesnt feel like i am failing him, nor do i feel like he is failing me.  So, it was very interesting.

I am loving life again!

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