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Wife to Wife Wednesday (on Thursday)

May 2, 2013

because… well, look at the joy in her eyes!!

Today is another link up day!  I first read the question for the week yesterday very early morning, but I didn’t get a chance to write.  And I found that the more I prayed about the question the more my answer changed.  So, here is the question and my thoughts as the day progressed.

If you could choose one thing you could be great at, what would it be and why?

My first thought immediately went to ‘I wish i was a great parent’.  Oh how i wish was a great parent!  My children would be happy and hardworking.  Our meal times would be peaceful and enjoyable.  We would explore deep ideas and have great conversations about God’s mysteries.  All this would be mine if I was a great parent.
I prayed about that for a bit and pondered the idea of what a great parent looks like.  Well, I thought, a great parent is a person who remains calm when her children are batty and  help facilitate wonderful learning opportunities all while showing Gods deeps and powerful love. A great parent also loves God and exudes Gods love where ever they go.  Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?
As I prayed about this i wondered if the two ideas were mutually exclusive.  And i also wondered if being a great parent was the one thing i wish i was great at.  The more i mulled this over the more it felt like i wanted to be a great parent because I wanted great things for my children and I wanted to feel like I am succeeding as a parent.  (Don’t all parents?)
Sure, being given 4 lovelies to care for and being wonderful them is a noble desire.  I want to raise children who are confident and compassionate and know how important they are to God.  And if that is all i ever do in life i would be deeply satisfied.  And proud! 
But the more i prayed about it, the more i realized that what i want is bigger.  That and God doesn’t need more proud people in this world, but more humility.
As I prayed about the idea of being great at something the more I came to think that what i really want is to be a great bride of Christ.  I want to live a life that truly brings glory to God.  I want to be His ambassador.  
There are also some selfish motivations too, if I am truly honest.  It is my hope that the more trust i have in HIm the more I confidence I will have in what it is that I do. That eventually I will become a great parent.  That being a wife will be easier.  That dealing with my husband leaving will get easier.  That the trials and pains I experience won’t hurt anymore, but grow beautiful fruit.  That the more I lose myself in Him, the closer I will become to the person He wants me to be.  That my life will be full of happiness.
So, I suppose if I could be great at something it would be a follower of Christ, because that gives me hope that even in the darkest times I will know great joy.  And man, do I ever want to be that person who has God’s joy.
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