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Best Friends

April 8, 2013

This (past) week Wives of Faith has a link up and the question is this:

Describe your closest friend.  What makes her a great friend.


Well, my best friend and I met at church some 9 years ago.  We didnt talk really, even though our kids were in the same class together.  It wasnt until she invited Gift to her daughter’s 3rd birthday, and we were only invited because she realized that Gift would be the only child not invited.  We didnt even talk much during the party, but you know how those things go.  We each said that we should get together to let the kids play.  

I didnt know too many people around town with kids the same age, so i took her up on that.  As we sat on her back deck, something clicked and we shared deep parts of ourselves and i KNEW that God had brought me a huge gift.  

Since then we have helped each other move (me to another city and back again).  Had babies together (she stepped in and played my husband’s role at my last birth).  Been on many road trips together, often with our little ones in tow.  We have cried on each others shoulders and laughed until we teared and our sides hurt.

I feel incredibly blessed that she sees in me someone that she loves to be with because she is incredible! She is incredibly eloquent, both in written words and spoken.  I am constantly encouraged by her.  I feel motivated by witnessing her kindness.  And I am driven by her incredible faith.  

Together we have grown and have had God mold us into different people, growing closer to HIm in the process.  And because of this incredible friend that God gave me I pray that i can speak into her life as much as she has into mine.

(note: I would add a picture, but i just cant decide on on one.  I’m sure i will get a good one soon!)

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