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That time when i should have seen that it was going to just go on and on… and on….

March 26, 2013

After being posted away from our home town we were happily posted back again in 2011!  This time though, my Love is posted without us as our house hasn’t sold.  That’s ok, I can spend the summer with family and at a cottage.  Then we find out that he is being deployed.  That’s ok, after the fall I can move back into house until it sells.  And then we find out that after trying for 4 years, (and then giving up and giving everything away) we are having another baby.  That’s ok!  In fact, that’s GREAT!  To make life easier we plan on moving into a PMQ.

Sounds easy, right?  No.  Our house still hadn’t sold before my Love has to leave for predeployment training.  That’s ok.  We move into the PMQ ourselves.  And then one of the movers HITS ON MY MOM!  No, really.  That happened.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that many spouses have done all this before.  The moves all alone, and while pregnant.  But here is when it starts to be silly (incase the mover hitting on my MOM wasnt silly enough).  My Love comes home before being deployed and BUYS A HOUSE. We are talking days before he leaves us, and I am 6 months pregnant.  That’s ok.  We can do this!  We have fantastic support through our many friends and family.

People come and help me pack our house.  And room by room we are ready to go!  People arrange a truck for us and 13 adults agree to help one Saturday morning.  I am ever so grateful, now being 36 weeks pregnant, and flipping huge!

AND THEN!!! Saturday morning arrives and Curly has full blown Chicken Pox.  He has a fever and pox EVERYWHERE!

It was awesome.  I can laugh about it now, kinda.  But, hey, at least we dont have to worry about Chicken Pox for him anymore.

(this is be an on-going series of the craziness that was my Love’s deployment, as suggested by a friend so that i can look back and laugh at the year.)

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